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Buying a home is one of the largest and most important decisions you’ll make. Our combined experience will help to make the purchase of your home as easy as possible.

I'm ready to buy, how can I prepare?

Purchasing a home is a very exciting process, but there can be a lot to consider. It’s important to take the time to define your search parameters like:

  • - Price range
  • - Location preference
  • - Size of property

Prioritizing needs like space, light, views, schools, etc. while also being flexible is typically a part of the process. In evaluating your budget, consider your down payment as well as monthly expenditures like maintenance or strata charges, taxes, monthly banks payments, utilities, etc.

Identify the right real estate agent to navigate you through the process, speak with a mortgage lender for written pre-approval, and choose a conveyancer or lawyer experienced in Vancouver Real Estate.

What should I look for in an agent?

Not only an important financial decision but buying a home is also a major life decision. Nothing says more about who you are, or how you live ... like where you live, so make sure that your real estate agent is someone who understands you and your needs.

Begin by asking friends who’ve used agents for referrals. But also inquire with a critical eye and ask a lot of questions. You will want to work with someone who takes time to explain things you may not understand.

Choose a professional who:

  • - Specializes in your desired type of property
  • - Who’s flexible with your schedule
  • - Who understands your needs and listens
  • - Is curious about how you live and asks a lot of questions

What is the difference between freehold and strata titled properties?

Strata titled properties typically form a complex, where two or more strata lots are formed and common maintenance expenses are shared. As an owner of strata titled property you are part of a strata corporation that shares common expenses for the maintenance of common property.

Strata titled properties can come in many types including:

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