Finding the Right Property.

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We lead the way.

If you’ve found yourself on the MLS trying to sift and filter through thousands of listings you’ll appreciate what comes next. You’re not alone! As your real estate agent, we are your conduit for bridging the gap between the MLS myriad and your home of choice. The process is most effective with mutual collaboration, but we’re here to lead the way!

The MLS and automatic searches

Once you’re a client of Sharif Real Estate, you’ll be setup with direct access to a personalized MLS search created just for you. There’s no need for you to continue sifting through the MLS, though sometimes still fun, as you’ll be receiving customized property results, 48 hours before the property reaches public MLS websites. As search results come through, a feedback loop is initiated between us, and if the property seems suitable we can setup a showing ASAP. Timing is always everything in real estate! There are still times where a suitable property is stale dated with three digit days on market, usually because it’s overpriced, and the opportunity presents itself in the form of timing again as Sellers in this case are usually very motivated.

What to look for at open houses?

Properties for sale can be showcased at open houses, and are usually visited by both weekend afternoon browsers and serious buyers looking to zero in on a home. Open houses can be very crowded while others can be more intimate. Your agent can help provide a listen of properties that are open for you to visit during the weekends. It’s a good opportunity for prospective Buyers to ask questions of the listing real estate agent and to obtain an information package. For serious Buyers, this is a great opportunity to view the home without pressure. Try to look beyond the owner’s décor if it’s not your taste but the home still has great potential for your needs. If you want information on history, comparables, upgrades or other specifics, ask your real estate agent to provide request or prepare the information for you.

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